2024 - Duncan Graham Award for Outstanding Contribution to Medical Education

One of the notable and outstanding awards that the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada may bestow upon an individual is the Duncan Graham Award in Medical Education.

This national award is named in honour of the late Dr. Duncan Graham, chair of the Department of Medicine of the University of Toronto from 1919 to 1947. He was among the first to undertake postgraduate medical training after graduating in 1905. He went on to set up a program for postgraduate training of medical specialists in Canada on which the Royal College is modelled. The Duncan Graham Award has been recognizing outstanding contribution to medical education since 1969.

General Policies

  • The Awards Committee of the Royal College, who selects the recipient annually at their fall meeting, may add to the list of nominations.
  • The Awards Committee may also conduct its own research regarding the proposed nominees.
  • Only one award recipient will be named in any given year; however, the award may not necessarily be bestowed annually.


  • The Award is conferred upon any individual, whether physician or not, in recognition of outstanding contribution to medical education.
  • Self-applications are ineligible.

Nomination Process

  • Nominations are solicited from the Deans, Vice Deans and postgraduate Deans of Royal College accredited Faculties of Medicine.

Nomination Requirements

  • A letter summarizing the reasons for your nomination.
  • Up to four (4) letter(s) of support, at least one of which must be from a Dean of a Royal College accredited Faculty of Medicine, or a Dean / Vice-Dean responsible for postgraduate medical education.
  • Reference letters:
    • should be clear, succinct, intentional and one page in length (Calibri or Open Sans font, size 10 if possible but not mandatory). 
    • Furthermore, letters shouldn’t be provided by friends, relatives, or close relationships.
    • Letters shouldn’t have institutional logos.
    • Letters shouldn’t be endorsed or submitted by Royal College staff.
  • Curriculum vitae, please include accomplishments from the past 10 years, maximum 20 pages, without profile photo. 


  • The award includes $1,000 and is supported financially by donations to the Royal College's Educational Fund from former students and friends of Dr. Graham.
  • The recipient will also receive suitably engraved recognition and will be recognized at a Royal College event.
  • Travel and related expenses of the award winner will be paid in accordance with Royal College guidelines.

Please submit your application via our online platform – Duncan Graham Award

Submission deadline : September 6, 2023 – late submissions will not be considered.

Questions about this award, please contact us via email awards@royalcollege.ca