The Visiting Scholar Program - Supporting the Advancement of Medical Education in Canada

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The Visiting Scholar Program is a new Royal College initiative to advance scholarship and research in medical education or health policy. The Program supports external scholars and scientists to connect with Royal College experts and leverage relevant knowledge and information to advance research that will benefit medical education in Canada.

Apply to be a Visiting Scholar

A Visiting Scholar could be a Fellow, graduate student or a professor on sabbatical who is pursuing research in medical education or related health policy. Visiting Scholars will be provided with access to work space and support in working with Royal College staff, program developers, and others to access useful knowledge and information. Visiting Scholars are self-initiated and self-funded.

Applications for Visiting Scholars will be accepted beginning in April 2018 and must be received a minimum of 3 months prior to a proposed visit. The application needs to be approved prior to making arrangements.

Application process is now open.

  1. Use this document to plan your application.
  2. Application Form.

Inquiries should be directed to

Commitment to Research and Scholarship

The benefits of the Program are wide ranging. Researchers receive structured support to access expert knowledge and information, the ongoing program will help build a network of experts working on complementary research, while the Royal College will be able to better identify synergies across Canada that will help propel and advance research and ensure the best care for all.

As one of the largest funders of medical education research in Canada, the Royal College is committed to enabling, supporting and integrating evidence-informed scholarship. It creates the foundation of improvements to future systems of care and training and helps to pave the way forward and promotes evidence-informed policy.