McLaughlin-Gallie Visiting Professorship

The Royal College is currently undertaking a systemic review of the awards, grants and visiting professorships programs. As a result, for 2024 this award is currently under review and is on hold until further notice. Updates will be shared on this page as they become available. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we strive to make program improvements for the benefit of all members.


The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada established the McLaughlin-Gallie Visiting Professorship in 1960. The professorship commemorates the outstanding contributions to surgical science of Dr. William Edward Gallie of Toronto, who died in September 1959. Dr. Gallie is a former Professor of surgery and dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto; he was a close friend of Colonel R. Samuel McLaughlin, founder of the McLaughlin Foundation.

General Policies

  • The Royal College’s Awards Committee selects an annual theme for the Visiting Professorship, and will solicit nominations from relevant National Specialty Societies (NSS), Faculties of Medicine, and other health-related associations and organizations.
  • The nomination package shall include an outline of the proposed itinerary / program of activity for the visiting professor.
  • The Royal College’s Awards Committee selects the visiting professor.
  • The successful host organization (nominator) will be responsible for the arrangements and itinerary of the visit for which they are host.
  • Visits will be coordinated between an individual from the host faculty(ies) and the Membership Services and Programs Unit of the Royal College.
  • The visiting professor typically spends two to three days (maximum one week) at one or two host centres (one of which is the center of the nominator, the other location, if applicable, will determined jointly by the Royal College and the nominee/recipient).
  • When the nominator is a Faculty of Medicine, the visiting professor participates in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, and in the exchange of ideas with the staff, the researchers and the undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • When the nominator is a National Specialty Society or other organization, the visiting professor should be involved in activities focused on teaching/learning, knowledge translation, skill development, etc., for example as a participant at a national conference.
  • A written report on each visit will be submitted by the host facility(ies) as well as by the visiting professor.


  • McLaughlin-Gallie Visiting Professors may be selected from any country in the world and may represent any branch of medicine. The candidate should be an outstanding contributor and innovator in their field.

Nomination Process

  • Closed nomination – the call for nominations may be distributed to Universities and other health-related associations and organizations, in addition to any relevant NSS.

Visiting Professorship Funding / Award

  • The professorship is supported each year by a grant made to the Royal College Educational Fund from the R. Samuel McLaughlin Foundation with the expectation that all costs related to visiting professor’s travel and expenses will be covered (up to $7,000). Reimbursements of expenses will be paid directly to the visiting professor. Costs associated with catering and event organization are the responsibility of the host organization.
  • A $1,000 honorarium (per center visited) is offered to the visiting professor.

Please include the following documents:

  • Introduction letter outlining the reasons for nomination of candidate;
  • Outline of the proposed itinerary / program of activity for the visiting professor;
  • Nominee’s curriculum vitae.

Questions about this visiting professorship, please contact us via email