CanMEDS patient safety and quality improvement

Competencies related to safeguarding and enhancing patient safety are integrated throughout the framework and milestones, as recommended by the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Expert Working Group and validated in early consultations. Click here to see how competencies related to patient safety and quality improvement are incorporated into the CanMEDS Framework and milestones.

Want to develop teaching skills to integrate patient safety and quality improvement training in a residency program? The ASPIRE program is a national faculty development certificate program dedicated to advancing the teaching and education of patient safety, quality improvement and resource stewardship competencies that have recently been integrated into the updated CanMEDS 2015 framework. Medical educators and residents with a keen interest in teaching patient safety and quality improvement would benefit from ASPIRE.

For more info, check out the ASPIRE website 


Where are these tools from?

Many of the tools were originally developed for the CanMEDS Teaching and Assessment Tools Guide.

The title codes on the tools are maintained to allow quick cross-referencing between the CanMEDS Tools Guide and this online registry (e.g. T1, T2, A1)

The tools are part of the Royal College’s commitment to support the roll-out of CanMEDS 2015.

lightbulb in circleTips on using these Tools

  • Many of the Tools are designed to use as-is (i.e. no further work required)
  • Some tools are also available in MSWord format. This allows you to easily manipulate the ‘bones’ of the tool and customize it for your own use
  • When reproducing and modifying the tools, please maintain the footer that acknowledges the source

To maximize the utility of these tools, you should:

  • Clarify the teaching and assessment goals of your specific context;
  • Select the right tools to match the particular needs and goals of your specific context; and
  • Combine Roles and tools in an effective and efficient manner



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