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At the Royal College, we know that some programs struggle to incorporate the CanMEDS Leader Role competencies into teaching and assessment plans. Residency programs are busy and knowing how to teach residents to manage their practice or demonstrate leadership can feel daunting. For this reason, Leader experts across Canada have developed a new Royal College resource: a web-based collection of educational materials for program directors and medical educators seeking to implement Leader Role training within their postgraduate training programs.

Learn more about the CanMEDS Leader Role, general ways to teach and assess leadership in and outside of the clinical setting, and faculty development for leadership:

Who is the target audience?

The primary audience for these tools is program directors, educators, teachers and residents. The resources were envisioned to enable educators to create a curriculum or look for ideas on how to incorporate Leader role competencies into their programs.

Tips for using these resources

This site includes 12 resources designed for programs to use with as much or as little adaptation as you choose. The Leader resources include things like modifiable PowerPoint slide decks, lesson plans, facilitator guides, e-learning modules and activities, and more. Visit the links below to access these valuable resources.

Where can you find these resources?

Below you will find the key and enabling competencies for the CanMEDS Leader Role. Click on the related hyperlink to access the resources.


We would like to thank the editing team: Saleem Razack, MD, FRCPC, and Tim Dalseg, MD, FRCPC, as well as the members of the Leader Working Groups (listed below) .


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