Resources for the Leader KC1 Competency – Quality Improvement

Key Competency 1

Contribute to the improvement of health care delivery in teams, organizations, and systems

Enabling Competencies

  • 1.1 Apply the science of quality improvement to contribute to improving systems of patient care
  • 1.2 Contribute to a culture that promotes patient safety
  • 1.3 Analyze patient safety incidents to enhance systems of care
  • 1.4 Use health informatics to improve the quality of patient care and optimize patient safety


  1. How to create a QI curriculum for residents - module (Enabling Competency 1.1)
  2. Lead the change - module (Enabling Competency 1.2)
  3. Psychological safety (Enabling Competency 1.3)
  4. Patient safety workshop – (Enabling Competencies 1.2 and 1.3)
  5. Patient safety incident (PSI) cases (Enabling Competencies 1.2 and 1.3)

In addition to the resources listed above, we recruited a large group of patient safety/quality improvement experts across Canada to help you with your PS/QI challenges:

Patient Safety/Quality Improvement Community of Practice

The CanMEDS Leader Role key competency 1.0 includes the following enabling competency: 1.2 Contribute to a culture that promotes patient safety.

In an effort to promote patient safety, resource stewardship, and quality improvement, we have recruited over 125 patient safety/QI experts across Canada who have volunteered to share their knowledge and provide quick consults to residency program directors, curriculum developers, and faculty developers looking to augment a culture that promotes patient safety.

Are you looking for a near-peer expert to help contribute to a culture that promotes patient safety/quality improvement/resource stewardship? Or do you have a patient safety/quality improvement question for someone in this new community of practice? If so, please contact and someone will connect you with the right expert(s). When you write to us, kindly indicate:

  1. Your name and university affiliation
  2. Your institution affiliation and title(s)
  3. Your specialty
  4. Your request

Our volunteers look forward to helping you!