Mapping your program’s curriculum

Curriculum mapping should start sooner than you might think

Learning and training experiences vary from one school to another. For this reason, individual programs need to take on the work of mapping their local curriculum and assessment strategy to the new CBD framework.

So, how soon can that work start? We encourage Program Directors to start curriculum mapping as soon as a discipline has a relatively stable set of EPAs, often nearing the end of their second CBD Workshop. Remember, your curriculum map doesn't have to be perfect from the start, as it will evolve over time.

The process of curriculum mapping will help program administration to:

  • Plan learning activities along stages of the CBD Competence Continuum
  • Link competencies to educational strategies and assessment tools
  • Align EPAs, milestones, and other activities/assessments to your program's training experiences
  • Highlight what is working well, as well as identify gaps in your curriculum

10 Steps for Successful Curriculum Mapping

  1. Assemble a dynamic team
  2. Review/develop your program’s mission and/or goals
  3. Review your existing curriculum
  4. Map the EPAs
  5. Review your rotations
  6. Distribute the EPAs (and assessment tools) across the stages of the program
  7. Ensure logical progression of learning while incorporating formal observation/feedback opportunities
  8. Ensure your program complies with accreditation standards
  9. Prepare to launch the new curriculum
  10. Evaluate your program regularly with the goal of continuous improvement

Recommended online training

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  • 10-step Worksheet

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