Due to the copyright nature of CBD documents, the following have been placed on a Terms and Conditions page:

  1. EPA Guides

    In response to requests from specialty programs, EPA Guides are being made available from each specialty program as they become available to aid in the CBD implementation process. The approximately 100-page EPA Guide details a specialty’s EPA names, key features, assessment plans and related CanMEDs milestones. Please note that this guide was created by the specialty committee and program directors for internal purposes and has not been remodified for external use.

  2. CBD Observation Templates

    The observation templates provide samples of the types of assessment forms that are available on the Resident ePortfolio platform used to plan and record CBD activities.

  3. The Pathway to Competence

    Every discipline that transitions to Competence by Design (CBD) develops a Pathway to Competence document (the pathway) as part of the discipline’s CBD educational standards suite. The pathway helps to highlight the foundational connection between CanMEDS and the rest of the CBD design, including stages of training, milestones and EPAs. The pathway illustrates the progression of a resident’s competence through 4 stages of training in a given discipline or special program. These stages include Transition to Discipline, Foundations of Discipline, Core of Discipline, and Transition to Practice. The pathway presents the CanMEDS milestones (observable markers) that the resident must acquire in order to attain the exit competencies outlined in the Discipline Competencies.

Request Access

To request a copy of the EPA Guides, CBD Observation Templates, or the available Pathway to Competence documents, please provide your contact information and agree to our Terms and Conditions.
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