CBME Program Evaluation Forum

As Canada shifts to a competency-based medical education (CBME) model of training, it is important to understand if it is being implemented as intended and having the desired impact. More and more, schools and organizations both in Canada and internationally are engaging in CBME program evaluation.

The CBME Program Evaluation Forum provides a space to share results, methods, and processes for evaluation topics, to create dialogue and to promote collaboration. This can allow for the identification of patterns and themes, potentially align program evaluation activities at various sites and ultimately help contribute to the overall CBME program evaluation initiative worldwide.

These meetings are an open invitation to anyone interested or engaged in program evaluation.

Each forum will review two to three webinar presentations showcasing select program evaluation projects. Members of the group will then be invited to discuss the topic more broadly by sharing thoughts, asking questions and relaying their own program evaluation projects.

Past webinar recordings and resources:

June 9, 2021: Detecting smoke before the fire: How can CBME better identify and help the resident in difficulty?

Dr. Anna Oswald, Rheumatologist, Professor, University of Alberta, Clinician Educator, RCPSC

Dr. Andrew K. Hall, Emergency Doctor, Associate Prof, Queen’s University, Clinician Educator, RCPSC

Managing residents in difficulty within CBME residency educational systems
Susan Glover-Takahashi, PhD

Residents in difficulty: A sociocultural perspective
Rune Dall Jensen, PhD

Comparing trends in the detection of residents in difficulty before and after implementation of CBME
Shelley Ross, PhD

April 22, 2021: Coaching over time: is this the return on investment for trainees in CBME?

January 23, 2020: Competence Committees – What We Know and What We Need to Know

April 9, 2020 | CBD during the COVID-19 pandemic: Sharing adaptations and strategies from the medical education community

June 18, 2020: Coaching, Mentoring, and Feedback: Working through the thorns and tangles

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