Cohort transformation under CBD

Each discipline officially begins their transition to Competence by Design (CBD) by attending the first of three workshops at the Royal College during their assigned cohort year. The workshops are facilitated by a Royal College Clinician Educator.

Each discipline’s specialty committee members including, program directors are expected to participate. With the approval of the Royal College’s Specialties Unit, the specialty committee may invite other participants, to ensure all needed perspectives are represented. Examples may include: a Department Chair, a faculty member within the specialty who represents an important patient group, a faculty member within the specialty who has a particular area of expertise.

Each discipline’s needs will vary depending on where they are in the transition process. No matter when your official start date is, it’s never too early to start preparing for the shift to CBD. The sooner you begin preparing, the smoother the process will be. The CBD Meantime Guide is a detailed resource to help get you started.


CBD Cohort Transition Workshops – Guide to Workshop 1

Competence by Design Workshop One: Thinking Ahead to Implementation

Competence by Design Workshop Two: Starting on Implementation

Competence by Design Workshop Three: Focusing on Implementation


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Seven cohorts

To optimally support the CBD transition, we have carefully grouped each discipline into one of seven cohort groups. Your cohort refers to the year that you start the CBD workshops, it does not change if your CBD launch is accelerated or delayed. Each cohort of disciplines will begin their official CBD transition over the next several years in planned waves.


Tools and resources

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What you can do now
What happens after your discipline’s official start date
Post-transformation activities