After your discipline’s official start to CBD transition

Once your transition has officially started, the Royal College will work with each specialty committee, including all the program directors (and invited faculty based on expertise) to create discipline-specific competency-based training standards and assessment strategies.

This iterative process will let us learn together and will take place over a series of workshops, webinars, teleconferences and group meetings. This transition generally occurs over a two-year period.

During your workshops, you are likely to:

  • Develop a common language and an understanding of Competence by Design (CBD) concepts.
  • Separate your discipline into stages and determine the major activities that will occur at each stage of implementation.
  • Use the CanMEDS Framework and Milestones to begin to define the discipline-specific EPAs and milestones that will indicate progression of competence through each stage.
  • Incorporate EPAs, milestones and new CanMEDS content into your discipline’s document suite.
  • Start discussions around the assessment blueprint, credentialing, examinations and certification.
  • Learn about opportunities for pilot-testing.
  • Start thinking about implementation.

CBD Cohort Transition Workshops – Guide to Workshop 1

Competence by Design Workshop One: Thinking Ahead to Implementation

Competence by Design Workshop Two: Starting on Implementation

Competence by Design Workshop Three: Focusing on Implementation


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