Accreditation of continuing professional development (CPD) activities

Continuing professional development (CPD) activities — such as conferences, workshops, seminars, rounds, journal clubs, small-group learning and self-assessment programs — are key components of the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Program. The MOC Program is the Royal College’s continuing professional development program for Fellows and health care professionals.

CPD activities are reviewed

To ensure physicians have quality continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities, the Royal College requires that Section 1 group learning activities (such as conferences) and Section 3 assessment activities (self-assessment programs and simulation activities) are reviewed and approved by a Royal College-accredited CPD provider in order to be eligible for credit in the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Program.

Accreditation through the self-approval process

Self-approval is a process through which physician leaders ensure their rounds, journal clubs and small groups meet the established Royal College CPD accreditation standards, thereby allowing these activities to be recorded under Section 1 of the Royal College MOC Program.

Self-approval process for rounds, journal clubs and small groups

Resources for program developers

CPD activity toolkit

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