CPD accreditation: Conferences, workshops and other group learning activities

Group learning activities held in Canada — such as conferences, workshops and seminars — must be reviewed by a Royal College-accredited continuing professional development (CPD) provider to be approved for Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Section 1 credits. This applies to all face-to-face group learning activities, as well as web-based group learning activities.

To be eligible for accreditation, an activity must be developed by a physician organization.

What is a “physician organization”?

Apply for accreditation

Program developers who meet the definition of a physician organization should contact a Royal College-accredited CPD provider to obtain the appropriate forms and information (policies, procedures, applicable fees) for having the program reviewed and accredited for MOC credit.

Click here for a list of Royal College-accredited CPD providers.

MOC Section 1 Group Learning Activity Accreditation Standards

Be sure to choose an accredited CPD provider based on the target audience of your CPD activity.

Processes for CPD accreditation

To have an activity approved for MOC credits, it must be reviewed by a Royal College-accredited CPD provider.

For physician organizations

Organizations that meet the Royal College definition of a physician organization can apply directly to an accredited CPD provider for accreditation. Physician organizations may also co-develop activities with others — including other physician organizations, non-physician organizations, or an accredited CPD provider.

For non-physician organizations

Organizations that do not meet the Royal College definition of a physician organization can co-develop activities with a physician organization or with an accredited CPD provider.

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