CPD accreditation: Self-assessment programs

Self-assessment programs (SAPs) are tools that enable physicians to assess aspects of their knowledge or practice and identify opportunities to enhance their competence with additional learning. SAPs are not tests — they are assessment strategies to help physicians develop an effective continuing professional development plan linked to their professional roles and responsibilities.

Credits can only be claimed under Section 3 of the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Program if the self-assessment program has been approved by a Royal College-accredited continuing professional development (CPD) provider.

How to apply for accreditation

In order for an activity to be eligible for accreditation, it must be developed by a physician organization. Program developers who meet this definition are encouraged to contact a Royal College-accredited CPD provider to obtain the appropriate forms and information for having the program reviewed and accredited for MOC credit (the Royal College does not review activities for accreditation). Be sure to choose an accredited CPD provider based on the target audience of your activity.

How to submit a Notification of Review

Submit a notification of review for your self-assessment program through our online form, which will quickly add it to our system. Providers will subsequently receive an automated email notifying them when their activity has been added to MAINPORT ePortfolio.

SAP database offers a quick and easy search

A user-friendly searchable database in MAINPORT ePortfolio allows Fellows and MOC Participants easy access to the SAPs eligible for credit in the MOC Program. There will be approximately 9,000 SAPs in the database as of November 30, 2019. They are searchable by title, ID# and specialty. An advance search allows for more filtering by provider name, country, city and date, among other parameters.

The following six steps will help you respond to Fellow enquiries about how to find and use the SAP database.

How to search for SAPs or report SAP participation

  1. Log into your MAINPORT account
  2. Click on “Enter a CPD Activity”
  3. Choose “Accredited Self-Assessment Programs” from the drop-down menu
  4. Click on “Continue” at the bottom of the screen
  5. Use the simple search to find a Self-Assessment Program (SAP) based on Title, ID # or Specialty or use the Advanced Search to search for an SAP using additional criteria
  6. Enter information for all required fields marked with red asterisks

Guidelines for self-assessment programs

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