International Fellows and the MOC Program

International Fellows who live and practice outside of Canada—and are unable to participate in the Royal College's Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Program—may choose an alternative continuing professional development (CPD) program that is recognized by the Royal College.

International programs recognized by the Royal College

The Royal College currently recognizes 75 CPD programs of other international certifying organizations. To be recognized as “substantively equivalent” to the Royal College's MOC Program, international MOC or recertification programs must:

  • be sponsored by an international certifying organization; and
  • reflect the educational philosophy and standards of the College’s MOC Program.

Our list of recognized programs can help you identify which international CPD programs are considered equivalent to the College’s MOC Program.

Fellows residing and practising outside Canada

International Fellows who would like to participate in an alternative international MOC or recertification program must complete the form for Fellows residing and practicing outside of Canada. You must also notify the Royal College of your decision to participate in an alternative program. If no notification is received, it will be assumed that you are choosing to participate in the Royal College's MOC Program.

If you are an international Fellow living and practicing outside of Canada, you may maintain your Royal College Fellowship and membership by participating in an alternative MOC Program in the country where you reside, if:

  • you are a member of the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) including their associated sub-specialties, or;
  • you are registering for an international CPD program that is recognized by the Royal College and included in our list of recognized programs.

If the above criteria do not apply, participation in the Royal College's MOC Program is required to maintain your Fellowship with the Royal College.

To maintain your Fellowship through participating in an alternative CPD program, you must also:

  • submit documentation showing participation in or completion of the alternative program; and
  • submit documentation of your commitment to re-register or participate in the next cycle of the program.

Please note: If you are exempt (or possess a non-time-limited certificate) from participating in an American Board’s recertification process and are not re-certifying in a subspecialty, you must voluntarily register to re-certify with that Board to use this as an alternative to enrolling in the MOC Program.

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