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Checklist: uploading your bulk reading or scanning to MAINPORT ePortfolio

MOC Tip of the month

Our bulk reading and scanning options can help make documenting your activities easier. Here are some helpful tips to get your list ready to upload to MAINPORT ePortfolio!

When to use the bulk journal reading transcript

  • If you are keeping track of several articles or topics read throughout the calendar year: download, save to your desktop and use our Bulk Journal Reading Transcript.
  • If you are reading one or just a few articles in the calendar year: record your items individually in MAINPORT ePortfolio under “Reading.”

Before you upload your transcript in MAINPORT ePortfolio



Is there one entry per article you read?


Does each entry have the correct information filled in? (e.g. title, date, learning outcome)


Check your credits. You can only claim one credit per article.


Remember – Do NOT attach the articles themselves or screenshots of the articles.


Check that you have your usage log and your certificate ready to upload — we need both. (For topics scanned through UpToDate, Medscape and OrthoEvidence, etc.)


Are all entries from the same year? If not, separate them out. You need one transcript per calendar year.


Check your credits. Topics reviewed in UpToDate, Medscape, OrthoEvidence, etc., are eligible for 0.5 credits each.


Ask yourself: Would any of your reading/scanning activities be better reported as a Personal Learning Project (PLP)?

Note: PLPs are valued at two MOC credits per hour. They are fitting when the reading (or scanning) and learning is done to prepare for a presentation or teaching session, research an abstract, perform an online module or course, address a clinical/academic/administrative question, etc.


Contact the Royal College Services Centre for personal support

If you are still unsure of the process, our Royal College Services Centre staff members are always ready and willing to assist. Contact us if you have any questions.