MOC Tip of the Month
Ranjit Baboolal

Turn your field work abroad into a Personal Learning Project

MOC Tip of the month

“Are you about to spend a considerable amount of time treating patients abroad? Practising abroad may require you to read up on diseases and disorders local to the area you will visit in order to expand your knowledge base. For example, a sojourn in South Asia may require hours of research into tropical diseases.

If you have done a lot of reading around a single purpose to treat patients at home or abroad, I recommend that you claim your literature research as a personal learning project (PLP) to resolve a clinical question, rather than as a scanning or reading activity.

If you take the scanning/reading approach, credit ratings vary from one credit per article to 10 credits for a book. If you take the PLP approach, you can earn two credits per hour (just don’t forget that documentation of the process and the outcome to your question are required).”

For more information on how you can use personal learning projects to reflect your practice needs, contact your local CPD Educator.

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