MOC Tip of the Month
Frédéric Bernier

Team up with a surgical colleague to claim MOC Program credits

MOC Tip of the month

This tip is for all of my surgical colleagues. Surgeons often assist each other during surgical procedures. This is a unique opportunity to receive feedback from a trusted colleague on your day’s cases. By doing so, you will be able to claim MOC Program credits, and so will they!

Immediately after the procedure, carefully consider the elements that worked well for you and that you would like to maintain, along with the elements that you would like to improve on during future surgeries.

Then go over your self-assessment with your colleague to enhance the discussion with their feedback on your assessment and their own perspectives, too.

You can re-evaluate your initial impression of your performance with their feedback in mind. Did you both agree that certain elements of your performance could be enhanced? If so, this is the perfect time to decide on a plan of action for further improvement, such as pursuing a Personal Learning Project (PLP).

As the “assessee”, you can claim three “Section 3: Direct Observation” credits per hour of time spent reflecting on your performance, receiving feedback and revising your initial thoughts.

And your surgical colleague?

As the “assessor”, he or she can report 15 “Section 2: Peer Review” credits for the year, regardless of how many times during the year they carry out this activity.

Meaningful and constructive feedback is essential for improving our skills. Try teaming up with a trusted colleague this year for some joint learning – it is a positive experience and well worth the effort!

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