MOC Tip of the Month
Rod McFadyen

Catch up on reflective self-learning with a summer reading list


I always like to catch up on some reflective self-learning during the summer months when I have more time and inclination for reading. The MOC Program’s Section 2 (Self-Learning) offers lots of ways to claim credits, including through different types of reading activities:

  1. Read a book: Whether you’re sitting dockside or enjoying a quiet afternoon in the backyard, reading a book is a great way to claim 10 valuable credits. A book on my summer reading list this year is Service Fanatics: How to Build Superior Patient Experience the Cleveland Clinic Way by James Merlino, MD. I’m reading it with a view to developing my competencies in multiple CanMEDS Roles: Leader, Health Advocate, Collaborator, Communicator and Professional.
  2. Read a journal: If you find yourself alone at the kitchen table one morning, consider starting your day with a couple of journals to claim two credits per issue (under the “reading a journal volume” option in the MOC Program framework and MAINPORT ePortfolio). For example, I receive a number of journals, such as the Canadian Medical Association Journal, digitally as RSS feeds on a regular basis after each issue is published. I've discovered many a great article by scanning the journals and storing the articles as PDF files in my iPad, ready to go for reading during my summer travels.
  3. Read lots and record your reading in bulk! If your summer reading is more about variety and you consume a lot of articles from various sources, check out the Royal College’s handy bulk upload form (PDF). It’s an efficient option for voracious readers. Just save it to your desktop or print off a hard copy. Use it to record your journal articles and associated learning outcomes not only over the summer, but all year long. Then at the end of the year upload it to your MAINPORT ePortfolio and watch the credits roll in!

Reading is a great way to brush up on all of the CanMEDS competencies and not just the Medical Expert Role we often focus on. Simply document your reflections in your MAINPORT ePortfolio and watch your Section 2 credits grow.

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