CPD providers: National specialty societies

Organization & Contact person

Association of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Disease Canada

Ms. Leah Menard
Telephone: 613-260-3233 ext. 102
E-mail: leah@ammi.ca

Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society

Ms. Cristina Mita 
Telephone: 416-480-0602, ext. 7117
E-mail: accredit@cas.ca

Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians

Ms. Lilian El-Zein
Telephone: 613-523-3343
E-mail: lEl-zein@caep.ca 

Canadian Association of Gastroenterology

Stuart Johnston
Telephone: 905-829-2504
E-mail: General@cag-acg.org

Canadian Association of General Surgeons

Ms. Karin Lindsay
Telephone: 613-518-0556
E-mail: karin@cags-accg.ca

Canadian Association of Medical Oncologists

Ms. Alexi Campbell
Telephone: 613-415-6033
E-mail: info@camo-acom.ca

Canadian Association of Neuropathologists

Ms. Heather Dow
Telephone: 416-480-6100 ext. 88055
E-mail: CANP@eventsmgt.com

Canadian Association of Pathologists

Ms. Heather Dow
Telephone: 613-507-8528
E-mail: info@cap-acp.org

Canadian Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Ms. Heather Dow
Telephone: 613-707-0483
E-mail: info@capmr.ca

Canadian Association of Radiologists

Ms. Julia Niles
Tel: 613-860-3111 ext. 203
E-mail: jniles@car.ca

Canadian Cardiovascular Society

Ms. Vanessa Richardson
Telephone: 613-569-3407 ext. 410
E-mail: richardson@ccs.ca

Canadian Association for the Study of the Liver

Ms. Maureen Melnyk
Telephone: 780-436-0983 ext. 257
E-mail: casl@hepatology.ca

Canadian Dermatology Association

Ms. Caroline Herzberg
Telephone: 1-800-267-3376 ext. 226
Fax: 1-866-267-2178
E-mail: cherzberg@dermatology.ca

Canadian Geriatrics Society

Ms. Emily Rourke
Telephone: 289-846-5380, 1-855-415-3917
E-mail: cgs@secretariatcentral.com

Canadian Neurological Society / Canadian Neurosurgical Society

Mr. Dan Morin
Telephone: 403-229-9544
E-mail: dan-morin@cnsf.org

Canadian Ophthalmological Society

Ms. Marie-Ève Deschatelets
Telephone: 613-729-6779
E-mail: education@cos-sco.ca

Canadian Orthopaedic Association

Ms. Meghan Corbeil
Telephone: 519-874-9003
E-mail: cme@canorth.org

Canadian Paediatric Society

Ms. Jackie Millette
Telephone: 613-526-9397 ext. 264
E-mail: jackiem@cps.ca

Canadian Psychiatric Association

Ms. Sophie Trahan
Telephone: 613-234-2815 ext. 229
E-mail: cpd@cpa-apc.org

Canadian Rheumatology Association

Claire McGowan
Telephone: 905-952-0698
E-mail:  info@rheum.ca

Canadian Society of Vascular Surgery

Ms. Christiane Dowsing
E-mail: csvs@vascular.ca

Canadian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Ms. Jasmin Lidington
Telephone: 613-263-8724
E-mail: info@csaci.ca

Canadian Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism

Ms. Inka Anderson
Telephone: 613-594-0005 ext. 201
E-mail: inika@endo-metab.ca

Canadian Society of Internal Medicine

Ms. Domenica Utano
Telephone: 613-422-5977
E-mail: info@csim.ca

Canadian Society of Nephrology

Ms. Filomena Picciano
Telephone: 514-643-4985
E-mail: admin@csnscn.ca

Canadian Society of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery

Ms. Donna Humphrey
Telephone: 800-655-9533
E-mail: cso.hns@sympatico.ca

Canadian Thoracic Society

Ms. Banu Pamukcu
Telephone: 613-235-6650 ext. 123
E-mail:  bpamukcu@cts-sct.ca

Canadian Urological Association

Ms. Rita Demarco
Telephone: (514) 395-0376
E-mail: rita.demarco@cua.org

Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada

Ms. Eve Duchesne
Telephone: 613-730-4192 ext. 238
E-mail: educhesne@sogc.com

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