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International Residents

Candidates with postgraduate residency training in a Royal College accredited international residency program.

International residents

If you are a resident registered with a Royal College international Accredited Institution, in a specialty or subspecialty program accredited by the Royal College, you can apply for a training assessment by filling out the application form below.

This assessment ensures you have met specialty-specific training requirements in a recognized and approved program. The training assessment is the first step on your route to Royal College certification and it is required to determine if you are eligible to write a Royal College exam. Exam eligibility is granted for a three-year period following your training assessment.

Please note that credit for training towards access to Royal College examinations is retroactive to the beginning of the academic year in which the program you are enrolled in or graduated from achieved Royal College Accreditation in Progress status. The Royal College recommends that you contact your institution to acquire this information before applying for a training assessment.

The deadline to apply for a training assessment occurs the year before you wish to write your exam. For exams held between March–June, the deadline is April 30. For exams held between September–November, the deadline is August 31. If you miss the deadline, late fees will be applied.

Apply now for a training assessment of your residency training in a Royal College accredited international program.

If you are unable to open the above fillable pdf form, please download the printable form which is compatible with most web browsers. Note that both forms are the same, but one is fillable, allowing you to type your information, which you can then print to email or fax to us; and the other is printable, requiring you to handwrite your information. It is only necessary to submit one form.

Journey to certification: Training and exam timing

When should you plan to write a Royal College exam?

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