What is an institutional review?

An institutional review is an evaluation of the institution (department) that is responsible for oversight of all the residency training programs in your institution. This review evaluates your institution’s resources to support residency programs.

To be eligible for Royal College accreditation of your residency program(s), your institution must meet Royal College International Institutional Standards and be accredited.

Four stages of the institutional review

  1. Readiness assessment: Complete and submit the Readiness Assessment Questionnaire.  
  2. Pre-visit: Complete and submit our International Institutional Questionnaire.
  3. Onsite visit: Two accreditation experts and one Royal College facilitator will visit your institution for a two-day onsite evaluation of your institution. They'll look at your institution’s structure and support for residency programs.
  4. Post-visit report: Our team will draft a detailed Institutional Review Report. Our international program review committee will determine if your institution meets our standards. If not, we’ll support you with implementing recommendations.

Once your institution is accredited, your programs can pursue Royal College accreditation.

Schedule an institutional review.

Disclaimer: The above processes are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the Royal College and without prior notification to partners.

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