Regional Advisory Committees

Your regional voice at the Royal College

Your Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) is a valuable channel for you interact with the Royal College about regional issues important to you and your colleagues. Your RAC develops strategies that support your continuing professional development. You can also help shape national initiatives, strategies and programs that are relevant to the Royal College’s core mission through your RAC.

The RACs and you

  • RAC members can help you bring forward regional issues relevant to the practice of specialty medicine, medical education and health policy for action by the Royal College.
  • RAC members facilitate communication among Fellows, enabling you to share your perspectives, strategies or solutions more easily with others who share your interests.
  • RACs support your continuing professional development (CPD) through collaboration with CPD educators and other partner organizations in your region.

If you have any issues you would like discussed at a RAC meeting, please contact your RAC Chair (click on your region below). We value your involvement and participation in contributing perspectives and experiences on regional issues.

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