Practice, Performance and Innovation

Who we are

The PPI Unit is a highly specialized education development and delivery team that is part of the Office of Membership Engagement and Programs (OMEP). Our skills include:

  • Development of Royal College Accredited Learning Activities,
  • Program Coordination,
  • Instructional and Curriculum Design,
  • Learning experience design,
  • Web and multimedia development, and;
  • Simulation accreditation

What we do

Our work focuses on supporting the OMEP strategic direction with a focus on Advancing the Continuing Professional Development program and the integration of simulation and other education technology into medical education. Our work includes:

  • Accreditation of simulation programs
  • Faculty development (Simulation-based education)
  • Development and delivery of learning activities

Learning Activities

A selection of learning activities can be accessed at These activities are offered in a cost recovery model or free for fellows of the Royal College. Our offerings evolve on a regular basis and include both self-study and instructor-led Royal College accredited learning activities. Make sure to review the site when you are making your learning plans. Discover accredited learning for your needs through this course catalogue.

Educational Resources

We have created several comprehensive informal learning resources to support multiple learning endeavours related to teamwork and patient safety. To find out more see:

Accreditation of Simulation Programs

Simulation based education has become ubiquitous within the Royal College Accredited medical programs and continuing professional development offerings as a means to safely practice skills and teamwork that improve patient care. As a catalyst in the national landscape of simulation, the PPI unit is pivotal in bringing together simulation educators, learners and audiences who share the mutual goal of enhancing their capabilities. Find out more:

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Practice, Performance and Innovation Unit (PPI)

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