International Clinician Educators

Introducing ICE

Clinician Educators are highly specialized professionals with a unique constellation of skills and expertise as both clinicians and education consultants. Although CEs are increasingly recognized as crucial players in the advancement of health professions education, many CEs struggle to find the kind of resources, networks and events that they need and want to advance their career as a CE.

In November 2011, a group of CEs from around the world came together with a shared vision for “a dynamic community of education experts advancing health professions education worldwide.”

The International Clinician Educators (ICE) developed a Steering Committee, led by co-chairs Jason Frank and Linda Snell, for this initiative and developed a strategy to build a formal network of Clinician Educators and to create spaces for this network to converge and mutually support each other.

The Steering Committee began by refining a definition for Clinician Educator and establishing a series of goals for the network.

The goals of ICE are

  1. To promote the role and value of Clinician Educators
  2. To establish and disseminate a globally accepted definition of a Clinician Educator
  3. To support the professional development of Clinician Educators
  4. To support the academic advancement of Clinician Educators
  5. To facilitate education scholarship among Clinician Educators
  6. To promote the international dissemination and discussion of health professions education ideas
  7. To advance the quality of health professions education worldwide

Defining a ‘Clinician Educator’

A Clinician Educator

  • Is a current or former clinician with experience in the delivery of healthcare as well as the supervision and teaching of health professionals;
  • Applies education, psychology, and leadership theory to educational practice;
  • Engages in education scholarship; and
  • Provides consultation and advice regarding educational issues in the health professions.

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