Principles of AFC recognition

It is important keep the following points in mind if you are contemplating applying for an AFC diploma:

  • AFCs do not create a “backdoor” entry route to primary or subspecialty certification, and should not be considered “residency light.” These areas of practice build on a practitioner’s existing scope of practice and require specific entry criteria, based on the scope of the AFC diploma and determined by the AFC diploma applicants and committee.
  • According to the Committee on Specialties’ process for recognition, a discipline can only be recognized in one category at a time. For example, it would not be possible to have a five-year residency in Emergency Medicine leading to the FRCPC, and a one- or two-year AFC diploma program in Emergency Medicine that is a subset of those competencies (i.e., “Emergency Medicine light”).

If you currently have training or would like to enter an existing AFC diploma program from a Royal College accredited institution, please contact our Credentials Unit:

Contact the Diplomas Administrator