2021 Annual Meeting of the Members

The Annual Meeting of Members (AMM) is an opportunity to provide feedback on the Royal College’s accomplishments from 2020, learn about plans for 2021, review financial information about the organization and elect Council members.

All Fellows and Resident Affiliates are invited to this meeting. Please note: only Fellows have voting rights at the AMM; Resident Affiliates do not.

How to register for the Annual Meeting of the Members

To register, you will need to use your Royal College single sign-on credentials.


How to join and vote at the meeting

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with a meeting link and instructions on how to join and vote at the meeting on February 25, 2021. If you do not receive a confirmation email after registering, please contact governance@royalcollege.ca so that we may send you the necessary details.

The meeting is being hosted by Lumi Global. Please review the following guide to learn about the platform’s features, including how to vote and ask questions during the meeting.

How to vote in the Council elections

If you are a Fellow, once you register for the AMM, you will have the option to vote before the AMM in the Council elections by clicking on the meeting link in your registration email. You may vote in advance of the AMM up until 11:59pm EST on February 24 or you may vote at the meeting on February 25. Please note that advanced voting pertains to only one Council position; all other nominees will be elected at the meeting.

To learn more about the Council nominees and the elections process, please visit: royalcollege.ca/2021-council-elections

2021 AMM meeting agenda and materials

*Full statements for the financial year ended March 31, 2020, are available upon request.

Questions about the Annual Meeting of the Members?

Contact the Royal College Governance Unit: governance@royalcollege.ca.