2023 Royal College Council Elections

Elections to the Council of the Royal College will be taking place at the Annual Meeting of the Members (AMM).

  • When: Thursday, February 23, 2023
  • Time: 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. (EST)
  • Where: Virtual event

The Royal College is committed to building a diverse and inclusive Council membership. Earlier this fall, all Fellows and residents who met the advertised criteria were encouraged to apply.

The response to our recruitment campaign was outstanding.

The Nominating Committee (NC) conducted interviews and assessed applicant qualifications against the needs of Council.

The nominees address the knowledge, skills and/or experience needed on Council in the areas of equity, diversity and inclusion, government relations, information technology and communications and marketing.

Interested in volunteering on the Royal College’s Nominating Committee? Find out more.

Meet the Fellows selected by the Nominating Committee

Royal College Council consists of 24 region- and division-specific Fellows (Article 11.1.2). Thirteen of these positions are coming to term in February 2023.

Public members, Fellows-at-large and the resident member are also due for election in February 2023.

Additional nominations – deadline January 11, 2023

Fellows may self-nominate to fill any of the impending region- and division-specific vacancies on Council, provided they meet the region and division criteria of an available position.

Fellows should also consider if they have the competencies currently needed on Council in the areas of equity, diversity and inclusion, government relations, information technology and communications and marketing.

Self-nominations must be submitted by completing the Council self-nomination form.

The deadline to submit additional nominations / self-nominate is Wednesday, January 11, 2023; applications received after this date will not be processed.

When completing the online nomination form, please

  • use the latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge;
  • be prepared to complete the nomination form in one sitting;
  • be prepared to upload your biography of approximately 300 words as well as a head and shoulders photo; and
  • be prepared to upload the completed MS Word document with the required signatures from five Fellows who belong to the same division and reside in the same region as you.

To ask questions, or to request accommodations that you may require to ensure your equal participation, please contact a member of the Governance team at nominations@royalcollege.ca.


Council elections regulations

When the notice of the Annual Meeting of the Members (AMM) is sent on January 26, 2023, all Fellows will be informed if additional nominations were received.

If additional nominations are received
  • Advance voting ballots for Council positions that have more than one candidate will be sent with the official notice of the 2023 AMM.
  • Fellows will be able to vote in advance or at the virtual AMM.
If no additional nominations are received
  • The members will be asked to elect the nominee(s) of the Nominating Committee at the 2023 AMM.

If you have any questions, please contact nominations@royalcollege.ca.