Royal College Leadership Team

Susan Moffat Bruce, MD, FRCSC, PhD, MBA, FACS

Susan D. Moffatt-Bruce, MD, FRCSC, PhD, MBA, FACS
Chief Executive Officer

Office of the Chief Executive Officer

Joanne Arsenault, MPA

Joanne Arsenault, MPA
Governance Unit

Emily Joyce, LLB, LLM

Emily Joyce, LLB, LLM
Legal Unit

Jessica Hertzog-Grenier, MBA, BIB

Jessica Hertzog-Grenier, MBA, BIB
Director, Communications, Marketing and Translation

Tanya Horsley, PhD, MBA

Tanya Horsley, PhD, MBA
Associate Director, Research and Principal Scientist

Office of Indigenous Health


Sherry Sandy
Director, Indigenous Health

Office of Standards and Assessment

The Office of Standards and Assessment plays a leadership role in ensuring the highest quality of postgraduate specialist medical education in Canada. It focuses on promoting and maintaining Canadian standards in specialty medicine from residency through to retirement.

Glen Bandiera M D

Glen Bandiera MD, FRCPC, BASc (Engin.) MEd
Executive Director, Specialty Education

Sarah Taber

Sarah Taber, MHA/MGSS
Managing Director, Standards and Assessment

J. Damon Dagnone

J. Damon Dagnone, MD, FRCPC
Director, Standards and Accreditation

André St-Pierre, MBA

André St-Pierre, MBA
Director, Assessment and certification

Farhan Bhanji, MD, MSc (Ed), FRCPC

Farhan Bhanji, MD, MSc (Ed), FRCPC
Associate Director, Assessment Strategy

Sean Gehring

Sean Gehring, MBA
Associate Director, Examinations

Tara Phillips

Tara Phillips, MHA
Associate Director, Accreditation

Office of Learning and Connecting

The Office of Learning and Connecting works with stakeholders to develop the long-term strategies, resources and innovative culture necessary to be responsive and supportive to our members’ professional development journey from certification to retirement.

Guylaine Lefebvre

Guylaine Lefebvre, MD, FRCSC, FACOG
Executive Director, Membership Engagement and Programs

Rhonda St. Croix

Rhonda St. Croix, MBA, PCC, CMA
Managing Director, Learning and Connecting

Steven Bellemare

Steven Bellemare, MD, FRCPC
Director, Member Experience and External Relations

Lyn K. Sonnenberg

Lyn K. Sonnenberg, MD, FRCPC
Director, Learning

Office of People Services and Organizational Development

PSOD is responsible for ensuring that we have robust and sustainable policies and practices with a commitment of developing, energizing, inspiring and valuing our employees to meet current and future organizational needs.

Melissa Beckette-Batchellor

Melissa Beckette-Batchellor
Executive Director, People and Inclusion

Office of Corporate Services

The Office of Corporate Services supports our members, volunteers and staff by managing the work of the following units: finance, facilities management, information management and technology, corporate planning and event management planning.

Tim Julien, MBA, CPA, CA, ICD.D

Tim Julien, MBA, CPA, CA, ICD.D
Executive Director, Corporate Services, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer

Ingeborg Hatch, MA, PMP

Ingeborg Hatch, MA, PMP
Associate Director, Planning and Operational Excellence

Mark Humphries

Mark Humphries
Director, Information Technology Services

Office of International Collaboration

The Office of International Collaboration serves the global medical education community in system transformation, network establishment and capacity building through the promotion and dissemination of the Royal College’s knowledge, experience and core offerings.

Craig Ceppetelli, MBA

Craig Ceppetelli, MBA
Executive Director, International Collaboration