Extraordinary Fellows, Exceptional Care. The Royal College in 2018.

Extraordinary Fellows, Exceptional Care

The Royal College in 2018

Meet six Fellows
doing remarkable work.

This was an important year for the Royal College. We challenged ourselves…”

Reflecting on our year

Reflecting on our year

This was an important year for the Royal College. We challenged ourselves to think beyond the boundaries of what we have been to what we could and should become.

Led by our ambitious new vision — “the global leader in speciality medical education and care” — we are redefining our stake in the medical landscape; most importantly, to commit to health and patient care through health policy, support for research, advocacy and international collaboration. Working alongside our valued partners, we are focusing our efforts on four strategic areas (around which we’ve structured this review).

If we have one hope for 2019 it is that you will grow in your involvement with us. We have a lot on the horizon: some continued efforts, some new ventures. We want you to feel connected to this work and to recognize your place in this world of specialty care.

We often say that the Royal College is the home of specialty medicine in Canada. Increasingly, our influence is extending to other parts of the world. We had a lengthy debate over the use of “the global leader” versus “a global leader” in our new vision statement. Ultimately, we decided to go bold. As Dr. Viren Naik, director of Assessment at the Royal College, recently said, “Canada punches above its weight” in the global arena. That is because of our high standards and the shining example our Fellows present to patients and to colleagues around the world.

We believe Canadian-trained medical, laboratory and surgical specialists are among the best in the world. Others see that, too, and want to emulate our postgraduate medical education system. We want to collaborate because, at the end of the day, this all circles back to the care of patients and communities. That is what motivates us and all of you who work in specialty medicine.

Thank you for all you do, for patients and for the Royal College.

Françoise P. Chagnon
Royal College President

Andrew Padmos
Chief Executive Officer

Education and lifelong learning

How we help specialists prepare for changing patient care and health needs


Anesthesiologist Dr. Jennifer Vergel de Dios (London, Ont.) is championing Competence by Design.

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Value to Fellows and Professional Practice

How we support specialists’ careers for the benefit of patients and the profession


Psychiatrist Dr. Vincent Agyapong (Edmonton) and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Ron El-Hawary (Halifax) are improving patient outcomes.

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Specialty Care and Health Systems

How we monitor and inform on health-systems issues related to the practice of speciality medicine


Public health specialists Dr. Ak’ingabe Guyon (Montreal) and Dr. Marcia Anderson (Winnipeg) are advocating for change.

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International Collaboration

How we partner with others for mutual learning and the betterment of global health care


Dr. Maitham Husain (Kuwait) is introducing the Royal College’s high standards back home.

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