Detweiler Travelling Fellowship : Recipients

Intended to improve the quality of medical and surgical practice in Canada. The fellowship will enable the recipient to visit medical centres in Canada (other than their own) or abroad, to study or gain experience in the use or application of new knowledge or techniques or to further the pursuit of a project relevant to clinical practice or research.

2022 recipients

Dr. Pavel Antiperovitch, FRCPC
Dr. Grayson Beecher, FRCPC
Dr. Laurence Bernard, FRCSC
Dr. Kevin Boczar, FRCPC
Dr. Cristina Bostan, FRCSC
Dr. Guillaume Butler-Laporte, FRCPC
Dr. Benjamin Chin-Yee, FRCPC
Dr. David D'Arienzo
Dr. Fannie Lajeunesse-Trempe, FRCPC
Dr. Megan Lim
Dr. Wei Liu
Dr. Clara Lu, FRCPC
Dr. Jennifer McCombe, FRCPC
Dr. Amneet Sidhu, FRCPC
Dr. Simon Thébault
Dr. Michael Tjong
Dr. Ryan Urban
Dr. Siqi Xue
Dr. Vignan Yogendrakumar, FRCPC

2021 recipients

Dr. Sameer Apte, FRCSC
Dr. Rohann J. Correa, FRCPC
Dr. Charles P. Couturier, FRCSC
Dr. Sean Crawford, FRCSC
Dr. Robert J. Doonan, FRCSC
Dr. Arielle Elkrief, FRCPC
Dr. Michelle Gould, FRCPC
Dr. Gregory W. Hosier, FRCSC
Dr. Gabrielle Lemire Thérien, FRCPC
Dr. Clarus Leung, FRCPC
Dr. Vicky Mai, FRCPC
Dr. Tania Pannu, FRCPC
Dr. David Pellerin, FRCPC
Dr. Jonathan Poirier, FRCPC
Dr. Étienne Racine, FRCPC
Dr. Carl Shen, FRCSC
Dr. Cathy J. Sun, FRCPC
Dr. Christina S. Thornton, FRCPC
Dr. Christopher Wallis, FRCSC
Dr. Mike Wong, FRCPC

2020 recipients

Dr. Martin Aguilar, FRCPC
Dr. Brian Ballios, FRCSC
Dr. James Patrick Buteau, FRCPC
Dr. Colin Casault, FRCPC
Dr. Ryan DeCoste, FRCPC
Dr. Laura Marie Drudi, FRCSC
Dr. Johnny Ionut Efanov, FRCSC
Dr. Amandeep Ghuman, FRCSC
Dr. Anny Godin, FRCSC
Dr. Parampal S. Grewal, FRCSC
Dr. Lien N. Hoang, FRCPC
Dr. Jonathan C. Lau, FRCSC
Dr. Pascal Lavergne, FRCSC
Dr. Christopher Lemieux, FRCPC
Dr. Judy Luu, FRCPC
Dr. Mary Malebranche, FRCPC
Dr. Stéphanie Proulx-Cabana, FRCPC
Dr. Karine Provost, FRCPC
Dr. Jan-Alexis Tremblay, FRCPC
Dr. Abi Vijenthira, FRCPC

2019 recipients

Dr. Julien Bernatchez, FRCSC
Dr. Philippe Charbonneau, FRCSC
Dr. Hanbo Chen, FRCPC
Dr. Benjamin Crulli, FRCPC
Dr. Ji-Hyun Jang, FRCSC
Dr. Jean-Thomas Leclerc, FRCSC
Dr. Arielle E. Mendel, FRCPC
Dr. Mikel Mikhail, FRCSC
Dr. Robert A. Mitchell, FRCPC
Dr. Benoît M.-Labbé, FRCPC
Dr. Michaël Munger, FRCPC
Dr. Nicolas Plouznikoff, FRCPC
Dr. Francisco D Ramirez, FRCPC
Dr. France Emilie Roy, FRCPC
Dr. Aalia Sachedina, FRCSC
Dr. Samuel Searle, FRCPC
Dr. Sebastian Q. Vrouwe, FRCSC
Dr. Benjamin P. Whatley, FRCPC
Dr. Alison L. Wong, FRCSC
Dr. Christopher Yao, FRCSC
Dr. Robert Sikorski, FRCPC

2018 recipients

Dr. Ehtesham Baig, FRCPC
Dr. Andrew Bang, FRCPC
Dr. Pierre-Olivier Champagne, FRCSC
Dr. Panos G. Christakis, FRCSC
Dr. Mark R. Gillrie, FRCPC
Dr. Aaron Hockley, FRCSC
Dr. Badr Ibrahim, FRCSC
Dr. Chunzi Jenny Jin, FRCPC
Dr. Melanie Labrosse, FRCPC
Dr. Roxane Labrosse, FRCPC
Dr. Anne-Sophie Laliberte, FRCSC
Dr. David N. Levin, FRCPC
Dr. Christopher Ma, FRCPC
Dr. Anastasios Maniakas, FRCSC
Dr. Deidre E. O’Neil, FRCPC
Dr. Andrew Perrin, FRCPC
Dr. Saman Rezazadeh, FRCPC
Dr. Michael D. Richards, FRCSC
Dr. Michael Roskies, FRCSC
Dr. Juan J. Russo, FRCPC

Dr. Susan Humphrey-Murto, FRCPC
Dr. Usha Ramanathan, FRCPC

2017 recipients

Dr. Katherine Beadon, FRCPC
Dr. Emilie Beaulieu, FRCPC
Dr. Bimal Bhindi, FRCSC
Dr. Kathleen Broad, FRCPC
Dr. Michael Carter, FRCPC
Dr. Michael Chen, FRCPC
Dr. Matthew Cheng, FRCPC
Dr. Chris Coroneos, FRCSC
Dr. Darren de Sa, FRCSC
Dr. Pierre Olivier Dionne, FRCSC
Dr. Michael Jurkiewicz, FRCPC
Dr. Calvin Ke, FRCPC
Dr. Mathew Leonardi, FRCSC
Dr. Peter Lugomirski, FRCPC
Dr. Marc-Antoine Marquis, FRCPC
Dr. Karim Marzouk, FRCSC
Dr. Serena Orr, FRCPC
Dr. Danielle Rodin, FRCPC
Dr. Maxwell Sauder, FRCPC
Dr. Ilan Schwartz, FRCPC
Dr. Hadi Toeg, FRCSC
Dr. Patrick Yang, FRCSC
Dr. Jorga Zabojova, FRCSC
Dr. Catherine Gray, FRCPC

2016 recipients

Dr. Gabriel Altit, FRCPC
Dr. Claudine Bellerive, FRCSC
Dr. Laurence Bernier, FRCPC
Dr. Mark Chandy, FRCPC
Dr. Maxime Chenard-Poirier, FRCPC
Dr. William Connors, FRCPC
Dr. Michael Fralick, FRCPC
Dr. Priscille Grenier-Vallée, FRCSC
Dr. Ahmed Kayssi, FRCSC
Dr. Guillaume Leblanc, FRCPC
Dr. Jonathan Loree, FRCPC
Dr. Julie Morin, FRCSC
Dr. Ranjani Somayaji, FRCPC
Dr. Cynthia Qian, FRCSC
Dr. Ralph Lee, FRCPC
Dr. Trevor Van Oostrom, FRCPC