Assessment Activity Development Grant

Assessment Activity Development Grants are available to Royal College accredited CPD providers to assist in the development of accredited activities of the MOC Program.

NOTE: Changes for 2020/21 Application Process due to COVID-19

For 2020/21 applications, the Royal College is modifying the requirements for this Grant in order to facilitate funding of COVID-19 related CPD activity development. Revised criteria:

  • Applications will be considered for accredited activities in any section of the MOC Program.
  • In light of the rapid response required for the development of such activities, funding may be granted for activities that are completed or in development at the time of application.
  • Adjudication requirements will be waived for criteria that are applicable specifically for Section 3 activities, or are not attainable due to the rapidly evolving context of data and evidence.
  • Funding may be distributed in smaller amounts across a larger number of organizations in order to support a broader range of activity development.
  • While activities not related to COVID-19 will be considered for funding, priority will be given to COVID-19 activities.
  • Activities which cannot be delivered within the current context (e.g., large face-to-face conference) will not be considered this year.

Applicants are encouraged to provide brief explanations in their applications for sections where criteria are not relevant or cannot be met.

Applicants must be Royal College accredited CPD provider organizations (co-developed activities are acceptable, but one of the co-developers must be an accredited CPD provider organization).

The assessment activity must have a defined target audience that includes specialists, and must occur in Canada or be reasonably accessible to Canadian Fellows (e.g., on-line, at a course, or at an NSS meeting).

Funding up to a maximum of $10,000 per successful applicant will be provided, with 75% paid upon successful application, and the remaining 25% paid upon conclusion of the project and submission of specified documentation.

Applications for 2020 are closed:


Application deadline:to be determined in 2021

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