Medical Education Research Grant

This grant supports quality research in Canada that will advance the field of postgraduate medical education or continuing professional development. Decisions regarding allocation of this grant, ranging from $5,000 up to $50,000, will be made on an ad hoc basis.

An amount equivalent to 75 per cent of the grant will be disbursed upon project commencement, and 25 per cent upon project completion and receipt of a final report. The final report must be sent to the Education Research Grants Coordinator, Research Unit, Royal College. Projects approved for multiple-year funding will receive the second year of funding upon receipt of a satisfactory mid-project progress report.


Applicants must be involved in teaching or medical education research in Canada. Applications may be individual or joint, involving one or more departments, disciplines or faculties of medicine. It is not necessary to be a Fellow of the Royal College or a physician. However, a Fellow of the Royal College must formally contribute to the research project.

Applications must meet contemporary standards of educational research, which include the relevance of the research question, the appropriateness of the research approach, ethical review of the submission, accountability for funds requested, and the feasibility of successfully completing the project during the funding period.

Individuals who currently hold funding from the Royal College (as a Principal Applicant) are not eligible to receive funding in this competition. He/she may still supervise a trainee or student, and can be a co-investigator on proposals submitted by other PIs. Please note an application is considered closed only when the Education Research Grants Committee has approved final submission documents and financial items have been resolved.


  • Applications must be submitted by completing the official grant form.
  • Applications must be emailed to
  • All supporting documents must be submitted as a single PDF document, following the sequence provided on the application form.


The Royal College Education Research Grants Committee and a cadre of expert scholars and researchers assess proposals and identify successful applicants.

Selection is based on the application’s scientific merit and clarity of the proposal, on the proposal’s relevance to the grant’s objective, and on the strength of the research team.

Preference will be given to work that is considered worthy of inclusion in a peer-reviewed publication.


One or more grants are awarded each year. Only one grant per year per principal investigator is awarded.


Applicable to projects of a maximum three years in duration.


Budget and justification must be provided in a one-page outline. Please refer to budgetary guidelines appended to the application form.


The publication of research findings is expected. The financial support of "The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada" must be acknowledged in all publications resulting from this grant.

Submission deadline
11:59 p.m. (applicant’s local time) March 10, 2021. Late applications will not be considered.

Contact us
Education Research Grants Coordinator
Research Unit
Telephone: 613-730-8177; toll-free 1-800-668-3740

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