Royal College/Associated Medical Services CanMEDS Research Grant

Special Call for Proposals: Royal College & AMS/Phoenix Call-to-Caring Funding

Announcing the call for applications to the Royal College / AMS CanMEDS grant competition. In partnership with the AMS Phoenix Project, we aim to fund projects that leverage the 2015 CanMEDS framework to instill and sustain compassion, empathy and professional values in the environments in which health professionals learn and work.

This grant of up to $25,000 supports research development or implementation of projects that advance competency-based training and assessment for specialists, as defined by CanMEDS.

An amount equivalent to 75 per cent of the grant will be disbursed upon project commencement, and 25 per cent upon project completion and receipt of a final report. The final report must be sent to the Education Research Grants Coordinator, Research Unit, Royal College. Projects approved for multiple-year funding (up to two years) will receive the second year of funding following receipt of a satisfactory mid-project progress report.

Below are call details:


To support research, development, and/or implementation of projects that advance compassion and caring as realized through the intrinsic CanMEDS roles, in order to realize the mission of social accountability in the training and continuing professional development of specialists.


Applicants must be involved in teaching and/or medical education research in Canada. Applications may be individual or joint, involving one or more departments, disciplines, or faculties of medicine. It is not necessary to be a Fellow of the Royal College or a physician; however, a Fellow of the Royal College must contribute meaningfully to the project.

Individuals who currently hold funding from the Royal College (as a Principal Applicant) are not eligible to receive funding in this competition. He/she may still supervise a trainee or student, and can be a co-investigator on proposals submitted by other PIs. Please note an application is considered closed only when the Education Research Grants Committee has approved final submission documents and financial items have been resolved.

Eligible projects may include faculty development, course development and/or medical education research that advance the promotion and refinement of specialist training based in the CanMEDS roles, particularly in regard to how CanMEDS roles can promote compassionate care in workplace-based training through their meaningful integration and interaction with complex healthcare systems.

Applications that include research must meet contemporary standards of educational research, which include the relevance of the research question, the quality of the research design, ethical review of the submission, accountability for funds received, and the ability to complete the project during the funding period.

Applications that include project development must include an evaluative component assessing the impact of the project.


Applications must be submitted by completing the official grant form. Applications must be submitted electronically at All supporting documents must be submitted in a single PDF document, which follows the sequence of the application form.


The Royal College Education Research Grants Committee and a cadre of expert scholars and researchers assess proposals and identify successful applicants.

Selection is based on the application’s scientific merit and its relevance to the grant’s objective regarding CanMEDS, as well as the clarity of the proposal and the strength of the research team.


One or more grants will be awarded each year. Only one grant per year per principal investigator will be awarded.


Grants are up to a maximum 24 months' duration.


Budget and justification must be provided in a one-page outline. Budgets should not include salary or honoraria for investigators; however, budgets may include requests to defray the costs for travel, accommodation and meals for investigators to disseminate the project findings. Please refer to budgetary guidelines appended to the application form.


The publication of research findings is expected. The financial support of "The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada" and "Associated Medical Services, Inc." must be acknowledged in all publications resulting from this grant. Successful applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their findings as a workshop, paper or poster to the Royal College Annual Conference.

Submission deadline
11:59 p.m. (local time) March 10, 2021. Late applications will not be considered.

Contact us
Education Research Grants Coordinator
Telephone: 613-730-8177; toll-free 1-800-668-3740

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