CanMEDS 25

Ensuring value for years to come

Canada is embarking on a multi-year project to update their CanMEDS 2015 Physician Competency Framework (Frank, 2015). The goal of the CanMEDS 25 project is to revise and refine the current framework while ensuring that this important resource continues to:

  • Align with recent developments in medicine,
  • Anticipate and support the practical needs of medical education programs,
  • Contribute to the strategic direction of medical education, as well as
  • Consider the practical implementation needs of partnering organizations.

What is the value? The CanMEDS Framework describes the abilities physicians require to effectively meet the needs of the people they serve. Since its launch in 1996, CanMEDS has become the most widely accepted and applied physician competency framework in the world. Renewal is key to success. A new iteration of the framework will ensure quality of education and equip trainees with a set of standards and competencies that are contemporary.

Why now? The CanMEDS Consortium is committed to updating the framework at regular, and practicable, intervals. The stewards of CanMEDS feel a keen sense of responsibility to balance the need to be contemporary and innovative, while also respecting the capacity of our stakeholders for change. We are highly mindful that the system has been through and continues to experience major change.

Will I be heard? New ideas are welcome! We are committed to a transparent process that allows for all national and international members of the medical education community to contribute and shape the next iteration of the CanMEDS framework. Once we collect all emerging concepts identified, we will seek your feedback prior to finalizing the framework.

CanMEDS 25 Website Survey

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