Resident ePortfolio is the Royal College’s existing ePortfolio, which Fellows and in-practice physicians use to report and track participation in the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program. Under Competence by Design (CBD), the Royal College Resident ePortfolio is a valuable learning tool provided by the Royal College that will support competency-based assessment.

New! Updated training modules now available

For programs using the Royal College Resident ePortfolio, access to an online training program is available to explain how you can use ePortfolio to view resident learning plans, record observations and review resident data by using the reporting functions. The training program has recently been updated with refreshed modules and a new, user-friendly interface to improve accessibility. See a sample of the updated training.

To access the full training program, login to your ePortfolio account, click on the CBD tab and click on the “Need Help” link.

Is the use of the Royal College Resident ePortfolio mandatory?

The Royal College knows that many of our university partners have systems in place to record, assess and access resident data, so the Royal College Resident ePortfolio will not be mandatory for any university or program. However, the use of an electronic portfolio will be mandatory to enable work-based assessment.

How is the Royal College ensuring that the data housed in ePortfolio is secure?

The ePortfolio data is housed in an environment protected by secure access control; data is password-protected and encrypted for transport and sharing.

ePortfolio faculty/observer perspective

ePortfolfio program director and competence committee perspectives.

ePortfolio learner perspective