CBD and Continuing Professional Development

Canadian medical education partners have joined forces to reform residency education with the goal of training new physicians, confidently poised with well-assessed competencies and ready to transition to practice in today’s challenging medical environment. But what supports will be there for them once they start independent practice?

To keep up the momentum of connection, support and guidance throughout the career continuum from residency education to retirement, work has been underway to re-think the CPD model.

The vision for CPD

A CPD system that meets patient needs by guiding and supporting physician learning

This vision places the needs and expectations of patients at the core of CPD, and is guided by a set of competencies to enhance the quality of specialty practice and the safety of the health system.

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Why this vision? It is important because:

  • Continuously improving the quality of patient care is the central goal of a CPD, and something that is critically important to our Fellows.
  • Competency-based CPD will support the lifelong learning strategies of residents who have completed a competency-based residency training program.
  • Competency-based CPD will enable the College to address the limitations of our MOC Program, which have been identified by our Fellows.

What is the compelling rationale? Competency-based CPD will:

  • Be designed to address personal, patient and population health needs.
  • Promote physicians to pursue excellence throughout their professional life.
  • Satisfy licensure, privileging and Fellowship requirements.
  • Enable Fellows to continuously enhance their expertise.
  • Embrace learning and assessment of individuals, groups and teams.

What will define success?

  • Competency-based CPD will enable Fellows to continuously enhance their expertise.
  • Fellows will work collaboratively with peers, colleagues, interprofessional health professionals, and patients to continuously provide better care together.
  • Fellows will contribute to the quality and safety of the health system(s) where they work.

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