CPD Supporting Documents: Vision & White Papers

As part of the conversations around Competency-based Continuing Professional Development (CB-CPD), a vision statement and a series of peer reviewed White Papers have been collaboratively developed, which are based on the dialogue and discussion from the 2015 and 2016 Invitational Summits on Competency-based CPD, which included Fellows, MRAs, healthcare institutions, CPD provider organizations, residents and members of the public.


“A CPD system that meets patient needs by guiding and supporting physician learning”

This vision places the needs and expectations of patients at the core of CPD and is guided by a set of competencies to enhance the quality of specialty practice and the safety of the health system.

White Paper Series


We review the evolution and current focus of the Royal College Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program as a learning system; discuss its current use and limitations; and set out a rationale for adopting a competency-based approach to continuing professional development (CPD).


We discuss the key issues and implications that will be faced by individual learners, CPD provider organizations and the health care system during the transition to competency-based CPD and provide recommendations for facilitating that transition.


We share a vision of how assessment and feedback will contribute to competency-based CPD. Ideally, competency-based CPD will support physicians’ access to objective data and meaningful feedback that will guide the selection of learning activities and inform the continuous improvement of the care they deliver to patients.

This will require a CPD system in which:

  1. performance data are used in conjunction with feedback to guide learning and practice improvement;
  2. assessment is used to support learning that contributes to enhanced patient outcomes; and
  3. the linkage of self-directed and group learning to quality-of-care measures and data on patient outcomes is routine. We hope this discussion will help to stimulate innovative thinking and constructive change.

Seeking Feedback in Development Stage

Collaboration is happening now!

The competency-based CPD initiative - launching in 2020 - is an inclusive project based on feedback and input from our stakeholders. Now - during the development stage - is the perfect time to tell us:

How do you envision competency-based continuing professional development?

Drop us a line at cbd@royalcollege.ca