Post-transformation activities

After your discipline launches Competence by Design (CBD), you will be teaching and assessing residents within a competency-based model of education.

What you will be able to do at launch

  • Detail clear learning paths and assessment markers for your learners.
  • Pinpoint areas where learners are struggling, and designing learning plans to address individual student needs and abilities.
  • Drive performance with regular low stakes assessments and track learning progress in a robust manner.
  • Change the nature of assessment to formative, concrete, meaningful feedback.
  • Support your clinical teachers in their use of entrustable professional activities (EPAs).
  • Better prepare residents to deliver independent, quality patient care for the population they serve.

Ongoing collaboration within and outside your discipline

  • Create opportunities and vehicles to share best practices, and collaborate with other programs and institutions.
  • Promote communication through face-to-face meetings, webinars and teleconferences, coordinated by the Royal College —working with you to course correct if needed.
  • Create measures to assess and evaluate the success of CBD implementation in your program.
  • Provide training on, and time to incorporate, any new accreditation, credentialing, or examinations processes.
  • Foster scholarly and research opportunities that reflect CBD adoption.