Engaging faculty

If you’re a program director or faculty member who is trying to engage busy faculty in Competence by Design (CBD) there are a number of steps you can take to help achieve this important task. It will be key to identify like-minded colleagues who believe in the benefits of CBD and understand what it’s all about. With them, you can start having conversations with faculty, at every opportunity, about CBD. These colleagues can help by acting like “champions” and provide support to you, and help to engage local stakeholders through these dialogues.

Importantly, your role as a CBD champion also needs to be recognized in terms of overall workload and demands on your time.

You and your CBD champions should use formal and informal opportunities to engage faculty in a dialogue about CBD. For example, milestones and entrustable professional activities (EPAs) can be discussed during rounds, and during work based assessment and competence committee meetings.

Why Competence by Design (CBD)? The Rationale is a key tool for champions to use in meetings and forums. It can be used to get a few key faculty on board to spread the CBD message.

Don’t overwhelm faculty

It’s important not to overwhelm faculty during the engagement process. Focus on: