Engaging residents

Residents are integral to Competence by Design (CBD) and they should be recognized as natural leaders in this change. Residents will create momentum and enthusiasm for CBD. If you engage your residents, they will become natural CBD leaders.

A few ways to engage residents in CBD

  • Provide a comprehensive CBD orientation to new residents as part of the transition to their chosen discipline. The importance of CBD orientation at the start of residency should not be underestimated.
  • Provide ongoing resident development throughout CBD stages — help them understand the benefits of CBD and empower them to be agents of change. They’re pioneering on behalf of your discipline and they should be proud of their role.
  • Ensure all your residents understand their role as mentors and pioneers, and how CBD will also benefit them — they are helping to bring about change and they need to understand their role.

A Resident's orientation to CBD is a key tool to engage residents. It has four key components and gives residents the knowledge to:

  1. Explain CBD to a colleague including the rationale for using it in medical training.
  2. Describe the CBD approach to medical training, and how it applies to their chosen discipline.
  3. Be able to define:
  4. Embrace their role as a resident in a CBD world.

Help residents see the benefits of CBD

It’s important to inspire residents during the engagement process. Helping them to understand the benefits of CBD and how it will improve their learning experience are key. It’s also important to make sure they realize that CBD will likely have no impact on current residency timeframes. Focus on:

CBD: A resident’s guide

This introductory handout is targeted towards individuals participating in the CaRMS match. This resource gives a high-level overview of CBD and introduces the concepts of resident’s owning their learning and asking for feedback.