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New HCP bridging program supports your transition to certification

We recognize that it has been a stressful year. Recent extraordinary events, including the pandemic and need to postpone exams, mean that 2020 graduating residents are experiencing a longer than usual gap between completing training, examination and certification. We hope to help you in bridging this gap by keeping you informed and supported in a variety of ways.

The Royal College’s new free-of-cost bridging program will support your continuous learning while you await and prepare for your specialty examination in fall 2020. The program facilitates your transition from a resident or Royal College Resident Affiliate to a “Health Care Professional” (HCP) with a free MOC cycle. Participating is an easy way to collect and record unlimited Maintenance of Certification (MOC) credits in the months leading up to your certification.


This program is intended to support those who are in transition between a training program and Royal College certification.

You are eligible if

  • you are enrolled for a 2020 Royal College specialty exam,
  • you are not already certified, and
  • you have just completed (or are very close to completing) a Royal College residency training program.

If you have any questions regarding your eligibility, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your circumstances.

A simple and easy solution for recording MOC credits

Your new HCP category MOC cycle will enable you to leverage valuable summer and early fall learning activities, many of which are eligible for MOC credits. Credits can be claimed for any learning activity in the MOC Program framework. By participating, you’ll get a jump start on the number of credits you’ll need to complete your first five-year MOC cycle as a Royal College Fellow.

How do I enrol?

(Correspondence about this initiative was sent to Resident Affiliates in late June 2020 and to all other eligible exam candidates in early July 2020.)

Types of activities that can be reported

Certification exam study time

Exam prep can be reported in Section 2. You can record new learning acquired while studying for your exams by creating several Personal Learning Projects (PLPs). You can record PLPs on specific topics you reviewed in a manner that is similar to raising and answering clinical questions stimulated by your practice. You will receive two credits per hour for this type of learning.

Accredited conferences, grand rounds, journal clubs

Your participation in Royal College–accredited conferences, grand rounds or journal clubs held online or in person can be reported in Section 1 of the MOC Program where you will receive one credit per hour of participation.

Postgraduate training through a fellowship

You can claim this learning under Section 2: Planned Learning: Fellowship in 25 credit segments, up to a maximum of 100 credits per year. Note: If a portion of the fellowship occurred prior to your MOC cycle start date, you can earn credits for the portion completed after the start date of your MOC cycle and this would be recorded in 25 credit segments.

Research and academic questions

Have you learned while addressing a clinical or academic question in your practice? Or following research or preparation for teaching sessions, presentations or abstracts? These types of learning can be recorded in Section 2: Personal Learning Projects where you will receive two credits per hour.

Point-of-care information services

Have you participated in point-of-care information services for self-directed learning, such as UpToDate, Medscape or OrthoEvidence? This learning can be reported in Section 2: Bulk online reading/scanning with transcript, where you will receive the number of credits shown on the certificate and usage log you will attach with your entry in MAINPORT ePortfolio.

Simulation-based learning

Have you participated in simulation-based learning activities and subsequently received feedback on your performance? If these simulation activities were approved for MOC Section 3 credits (as confirmed by the accreditation statement on the certificate of participation or promotional materials), you can claim three credits per hour.

Direct observation

Have you participated in a direct observation exercise where you were observed by a supervisor, colleague or peer while performing a professional activity? Were you provided with feedback to help you identify areas for improvement? The time you spend receiving, reviewing and reflecting on the feedback can be reported in Section 3: Direct Observation for three credits per hour.

Practice assessment

If you participate in an assessment activity, such as a practice oral examination, and reflect on the data and feedback you received, you can claim three credits per hour under Section 3: Practice Assessment.

COVID-19-related education eligible for MOC credit

You’ll have access to highly relevant, just-in-time virtual MOC credit opportunities during COVID-19, including our learning modules (many of which are free) and accredited Section 1 and Section 3 activities:

Five ways your HCP category MOC cycle supports you

HCP Free icon It’s free: as a special support to the spring exam 2020 cohort, the HCP fee is being waived while you are participating in the bridging program.
HCP Exam icon It allows you to record and carry-forward your 2020 summer and early fall learning activities, including any preparation for your fall certification exam.
HCP Credits icon It allowed the carry-forward of up to 75 credits recorded in MAINPORT while you were a Resident Affiliate (up to 25 credits per MOC section).
HCP Free icon It is valid for provincial/territorial licensing authority purposes.
HCP Directory icon You are listed in the Royal College Directory as a CPD Program Participant. This indicates to patients and regulators that you are doing your CPD by actively participating in the MOC Program.

Membership fees waived for 2020-21 fiscal year

In recognition of the financial pressures that you have experienced as a result of the postponement of the spring exams, the Royal College will be waiving membership fees until April 2021 for candidates who successfully pass their exams and will be certified before April 1, 2021.

Contact us — we are here to support you

You are our future Fellows and we are here to support you in this period of transition. Please reach out to our fully bilingual Royal College Services Centre at 1-800-668-3740 or email We can answer your questions and help you optimize the recording of future credits going forward. We hope this bridging program effectively supports you as you pursue valuable learning and MOC Program participation over the coming months.

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