Framework of Continuing Professional Development Activities

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This table summarizes the learning sections under the MOC Program framework.

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CPD activities you can record

Sections Category Examples Credit rating
Section 1: Group learning

Accredited group learning activities

Conferences, rounds, journal clubs or small-group activities that adhere to Royal College standards; can occur face-to-face or online.

Accredited conferences, rounds, journal clubs, small groups 1 credit per hour

Unaccredited group learning activities

Rounds, journal clubs, small-group activities or conferences that have not been submitted for accreditation; no industry sponsorship.

Unaccredited rounds, journal clubs, small groups or conferences 0.5 credits per hour (maximum of 50 credits per cycle)
Section 2: Self-learning

Planned learning

Learning activities initiated by a physician (independently or in collaboration with peers or mentors) to address a need, problem, issue/ goal relevant to their professional practice.

Fellowships 100 credits per year
Formal courses 25 credits per course
Personal learning projects 2 credits per hour
Traineeships 2 credits per hour


Learning activities used by a physician to enhance their awareness of new evidence, perspectives or discoveries that are potentially relevant to their professional practice.

Reading a book 10 credits per book
Reading a book chapter 2 credits per chapter
Reading a journal volume 2 credits per volume
Reading a journal article 1 credit per article
Bulk journal reading with transcript 1 credit per article
Bulk online reading/scanning with transcript credits noted on usage log
Podcasts, audio, video 0.5 credits per activity
Internet searching (Medscape, UpToDate, DynaMed) 0.5 credits per activity
POEMS 0.25 credits per activity
Poster Viewing 0.5 credits per poster

Systems learning

Learning stimulated by contributions to practice standards, patient safety, continuous quality improvement, curriculum development, assessment tools etc.

Clinical practice guideline development 20 credits per year
Quality care/patient safety committee 15 credits per year
Curriculum development 15 credits per year
Examination development 15 credits per year
Peer review 15 credits per year
Section 3: Assessment

Knowledge assessment

Programs approved by Royal College accredited providers or recognized under a CPD/MOC recognition agreement. The program provides data with feedback to individual physicians on their current knowledge base, and may help identify future learning opportunities relevant to their practice.

Accredited self-assessment programs

All assessment activities
are 3 credits per hour

Performance assessment

Activities that provide data with feedback to physicians, groups or health teams related to their personal/collective performance across a range of professional practice domains. Assessment activities occur in a simulated or actual practice environment. Simulation activities must be accredited by the Royal College or recognized under a CPD/MOC recognition agreement.

Accredited simulation activities
Chart audit and feedback
Multi-source feedback
Direct observation
Feedback on teaching
Annual performance review
Practice assessments