MOC Tip of the Month - By Dr. Frédéric Bernier

Developing and delivering a presentation is a launch pad to a surprising number of learning opportunities in the MOC Program. Many of the activities you automatically do to get ready for a presentation can be claimed as self-learning credits. And, if you’re presenting at a conference, their built-in evaluation system makes it easy to top off your experience with additional assessment credits.

Load up on Section 2 with your pre-work

As you prepare your presentation, you’ll likely spend some time researching answers to specific questions. Did you know that you can claim 0.5 credits per activity for literature searches in Medscape, UpToDate and DynaMed? The hours you spend reading books, chapters, journal articles or journal volumes also have various credit ratings. (Tip: If you’ve read many journal articles, save yourself some time by recording their titles in the Bulk Journal Reading Transcript and uploading that into your MAINPORT ePortfolio).

Max out on Section 3 post-presentation

After your presentation, use the feedback from your audience to reflect on your performance:

  • What elements went well and what do you want to repeat in future presentations?
  • What elements do you want to improve or discontinue?

For conference presentations, take note of the comments on your conference evaluation forms. With this feedback, you can evaluate your initial considerations to see if any elements need to be addressed. If so, this is the perfect time to decide on a plan of action, which may include even more continuing professional development.

If you don’t have access to any formal evaluation forms, you can still reflect on your performance. The time you spend doing this, for example, reviewing what audience feedback you have and revising your initial reflection, can be claimed as a Section 3 Practice Assessment for three credits per hour.

Note that credits can only be claimed for new learning activities. The time you spend making slides for a presentation is therefore not eligible for MOC Program credit. The same is true for actually delivering the presentation. Be sure the time you enter in your MAINPORT ePortfolio is only for your new learning.

I encourage you to think creatively about how you prepare and reflect on your presentations. Make those efforts work for you.


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