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Subspecialists: Practice Eligibility Route

The Practice Eligibility Route for Subspecialists (PER-sub) is for physicians who are practicing in a subspecialty in Canada but who are not eligible for the traditional credentials review as a result of completing unaccredited training or no training in the subspecialty.

Candidates pursuing this route to the subspecialty examination must meet the following eligibility criteria:

Physicians in subspecialty practice will belong to one of two Cohorts:

Cohort 1:

Cohort 2:

*Please Note: Additional criteria has been set by each individual discipline’s Specialty Committee - see the PER-sub Application Form for your subspecialty to review this criteria*

PER-sub Application Forms

Assessment documentation has not yet been developed for some subspecialties. If you would like to submit an Expression of Interest regarding PER-sub for your subspecialty, please contact We will contact you when we begin to accept applications for your subspecialty.


The application deadline is August 31, one year before you wish to take the exam. The deadline for applicants applying for assessment in General Internal Medicine and Geriatric Medicine is April 30, one year before you wish to take the exam.

The exam registration deadline for exams administered in the fall of the year you write the exam is May 15, and November 4 for exams administered in the spring of the year you write the exam.

Late applications

Applications received after the deadline will be subject to late penalty fees. Although we endeavour to process all applications on time, there is no guarantee that an application received past the deadline can be processed in time for the next examination.

Please review the criteria and submit your completed application to the Credentials Unit:
Subspecialty Application forms


In order to obtain a copy of an application form, please contact the Credentials Unit via PER-sub inbox directly at

Adolescent Medicine

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology

Colorectal Surgery

Critical Care Medicine

Developmental Pediatrics

Forensic Pathology

Forensic Psychiatry

General Internal Medicine

Geriatric Psychiatry

Infectious Diseases

Interventional Radiology

Maternal Fetal Medicine

Medical Oncology


Pain Medicine

Palliative Medicine

Pediatric Radiology

Not sure which route applies to you?
Contact us at 1-800-267-2320 or for help getting started.