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Exam accommodation

If you require accommodations to write your exam, you must notify the Exams Unit by the registration deadline of December 4 for spring examinations or May 15 for fall exams.

The Royal College will attempt to accommodate your specific requirements for the exam provided that the validity of the exam is maintained. Accommodations will be granted on an individual basis and depend on the nature and extent of the special requirement, documentation provided, and the requirements of the exam.

Required documentation

By the registration deadline, you are required to provide the following documentation to the Royal College:

  • A signed letter with a description of your need for accommodation and its severity, along with a description of the type of accommodation required;
  • Documentation of the accommodations provided by your university or other medical education programs, if you have been granted previous accommodations;
  • Supporting documentation from a qualified treating professional confirming the need for accommodation, its severity, your functional limitations and specific recommendations for the accommodation. All supporting documentation must be provided on office letterhead, from your fully-licensed practising physician, clinical psychologist, or other appropriate licensed health care provider (the practitioner cannot be a relative or spouse);
  • Written confirmation from a qualified professional that your functional limitations are still valid should the supporting documentation be more than two years old.

The Royal College may request additional information, as it considers necessary, on a case-by-case basis.

Additional information

If granted, accommodations apply to the current year only. You must submit a new request for accommodation each year you register for a Royal College exam, regardless of your pass/fail result on a previous exam.

In the event the need for an exam accommodation arises after the deadline, you must contact with the required documentation as soon as possible. It may not be possible to arrange the requested accommodation(s) too close to the exam date.

The Royal College reserves the right to designate the location and date and time of the exam since all accommodations may not be available at any given exam site on any given exam date. For example, a request for a written exam might mean that you would be required to take the written component at a site other than your preferred city.

Submit an exam accommodation request

Before submitting your request for exam accommodation, ensure you have all of the required documentation and have read the information carefully on this page. The deadline to submit a request is December 4 for spring specialty examinations or May 15 for fall subspecialty exams.

All requests must be submitted to:
Toll-free: 1-800-668-3740

Contact us:

We recognize exams are a stressful experience and that we are in unprecedented times. The Royal College is committed to communicating with you in a respectful, professional and civil manner. Similarly, we ask the same courtesy is provided to our employees. Thank you!