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The training and/or practice assessment is the first step on your route to Royal College certification and it is required to determine if you are eligible to write a Royal College exam. Find out how to get started.


If you have been ruled eligible by the Royal College to write an exam, you will receive a notice of registration by email. Once you have received this notice of registration, you can register for your exam by filling out a registration form.

If you have not received a notice of registration by November 30th for a spring exam, or by April 30 for a fall exam, contact us.

Registration deadlines:

Late registrations will not be accepted.

When registering, please pay close attention to your choice of language and location for the exam, as no changes will be considered after February 1 for spring exams, and June 15, for fall exams. You must complete all components of the exam in one language.

Registration information

Specialty-specific forms

The registration information and payment link will be sent to you by e-mail once you have been deemed eligible. Payment can be submitted online only.

Royal College Examination Number

To register for your exam, you will also be required to include your Royal College Examination Number, which was assigned to you when you applied for Training assessment. This number will be required for all correspondence with the Royal College (email and telephone).

Exam fees

By submitting your registration form, the Royal College is authorized to charge the exam fee to your credit card. Fees paid to the Royal College for exams can be claimed as a non-refundable tuition tax credit.

Assessment fees to determine eligibility to write Royal College exams are also included in the tax credit. Tax receipts are issued for the year the exam is written regardless of when the fee was actually paid.

Your contact information

Please ensure you provide the Royal College with your current contact information. You can update your contact information via the secure Royal College website (log in using your member identification number) or

Withdrawal from exams

If the Credentials Unit receives a notification of withdrawal up to 20 business days before the first component of the exam, 50% of the exam fees will be refunded. Otherwise, no refund will be provided.

The purpose of this policy is to recover the cost of processing an application and scheduling of exams that cannot be altered at a later date.

Please note: Any candidate who withdraws from or does not appear at an exam will use up one of three available attempts. (Note that withdrawal does not count as a failure)

Email the Royal College Credentials Unit to withdraw from an exam:

Contact us:; Telephone: toll-free 1-800-668-3740 ext. 278 or 419 or 613-730-6278; Fax: 613-730-8261

We recognize exams are a stressful experience and that we are in unprecedented times. The Royal College is committed to communicating with you in a respectful, professional and civil manner. Similarly, we ask the same courtesy is provided to our employees. Thank you!