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How to register

If you have been ruled eligible by the Royal College to write an exam, you will receive a letter outlining exam eligibility (also known as the “ruling letter”) by email that confirms you are eligible for the Royal College exam and specifies any other requirements that must be met before certification is conferred.

With this ruling letter, you can register for your exam following the instructions found in the email linking you to our eBooking system. If you have a ruling letter but have not received a link to register for the exam, please contact the Credentials Unit at

Registration deadlines:

Late registrations will not be accepted.

Note: When registering, please pay close attention to your choice of language and location of the exam, as no changes will be considered.

Update your contact information

Please ensure you provide us with your current contact information. You can update your contact information via our secure portal (log in using your member identification number) or by contacting us at

Withdrawal from exams

Please visit our Exam Registration System to withdraw from your exam.

In 2022, candidates can withdraw from the

  • written exam up to the start of the exam with a full refund for any COVID-19 related reason, including concerns of transmission.
  • applied/oral exam up to the start of the exam with a 50% refund for any COVID-19 related reason, including travel restrictions and concern of transmission
Contact us:
You can contact us by email at

The Royal College is committed to communicating with you in a respectful, professional and civil manner. Similarly, we ask the same courtesy is provided to our employees. Thank you!