Terms of Reference
History and Heritage Advisory Committee


The History and Heritage Advisory Committee (HHAC) is a sub-committee that reports to the Fellowship Affairs Committee (FAC). It provides advice and recommendations to the FAC regarding the identification, preservation, promotion and dissemination of the Royal College’s history and heritage, its collection and the contributions of its members.

Additionally, the HHAC shall promote and encourage scholarship related to the history of specialty medicine and medical education. Priority shall be given to activities that link the preservation of the history of the Royal College and the profession of specialty medicine in Canada to the value of Royal College Fellowship.

Responsibility and Authority

The HHAC will advise and make recommendations to the FAC on:

  • policies, programs, and projects to:
    • inform and educate members, partners and the public about the individual and collective accomplishments of the Royal College and its members;
    • increase research and scholarly study of items in the collection, and the study of the history of medicine; and
    • secure, preserve and display books, artifacts and archival holdings in any medium including historical records to ensure the safety and preservation of the physical and intellectual property of these holdings.
  • policy and strategic direction for the Royal College’s archival, library and objects collections;
  • terms of reference for and annual adjudication of the Charles Peter Warren History of Medicine Essay Prize;
  • periodic recommendations for nominees to the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame; and
  • increasing cooperation, collaboration, and partnership with other Canadian and international organizations dedicated to the study and preservation of the history and heritage of specialty medicine.

The HHAC shall also report to the FAC on matters relevant to the role of the HHAC, which are of concern to the broader Fellowship.


The HHAC has 10 voting members, including the Chair. A majority of the members shall be Fellows of the Royal College with an interest and expertise in the history of medicine and/or the history and heritage of the Royal College.

The committee will also include one voting resident selected by the Royal College, and other voting individuals with experience in the study of the history of medicine or the history of the Royal College, such as historians, archivists, librarians, museum curators, and / or collectors.
The committee’s specific composition shall be determined as appropriate.

The Chair of the History & Heritage Advisory Committee also participates as a member of the Fellowship Affairs Committee.

Key Competencies and Characteristics

Members of the HHAC are expected to have a demonstrated interest and commitment to the history and heritage of specialty medicine as it relates to the committee’s role and objectives.

Committee members should possess the ability and willingness to meet the strategic directions of the Royal College and the willingness to participate effectively in committee meetings.

Term of Office

The usual term of office of the chair is two years, renewable once (maximum four years). The usual term of office of members is two years, renewable twice (maximum six years). The terms of office take effect as stipulated so long as the member’s total years of service on the committee do not extend beyond 10 years.

All terms shall begin and end at the time of the Annual Meeting of the Members when vacancies exist.


The HHAC will meet face-to-face at least once and typically twice per year. Additional teleconferences may be held as necessary.

Quorum consists of a majority of the voting members of the committee (i.e., 50% plus one). The chair is counted as a voting member in constituting quorum. However as the presiding official of the committee, the chair does not move motions. Furthermore, the chair shall only vote when the vote is conducted by secret ballot. Every question shall be decided by a majority of the votes cast. In the event of a tie vote, the question shall be defeated. When a committee is called to make a decision outside of a meeting by e-ballot, the same rules apply.

Appointment to a Royal College committee carries significant responsibilities, and all committee members are expected to adhere to the Volunteer Code of Conduct. In addition, committee members are required to maintain absolute discretion and not divulge, re-produce, or release any confidential information except when authorized by the Royal College. Committee members are permitted to download a copy of committee materials for use solely for the purposes of the Committee. All downloaded materials must be deleted once used for the intended purpose.

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