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COVID-19 has impacted Canadian children in unprecedented ways, but there is a gap in support for children and youth whose parents and loved ones are on the front lines of patient care. With that in mind, we asked your kids to ask their COVID-19 questions and Fellows from our community came together to answer them.

Questions about Home

Time Questions about Home Answer
0:52 What’s it like at home? Dr. Ally Prebtani & his daughter Sofia
2:02 What do I do if my mom’s in a bad mood? Dr. Jayson Stoffman
2:46 What do I do if mom is sick? Dr. Josephine Pressacco & Tiger; Dr. Alayne Farries and Dr. Ripudaman S. Minhas
5:22 Both my parents are doctors. What happens if both get sick? Dr. Chandlee Dickey
6:50 I don't want to talk about this any more. Dr. Gaurav Mehta
7:28 What song do you sing when you’re washing your hands? Dr. John Kortbeek
8:14 How long is this going to go on? Dr. Elspeth MacEwan
9:20 Sometimes I can't sleep because I can't turn my mind off. What can I do? Dr. Taryn Hearn
11:14 We normally have a birthday party for my grandma in May. I’m sad we can’t, and worried too. What can I do to make it special? Dr. Natasha Snelgrove

Questions about Work

Time Questions about Work Answer
0:48 What’s next in flattening the curve? Dr. Robert Meeder
2:22 What’s being done to keep my dad safe? Dr. Josephine Pressacco & Tiger
3:04 Why are companies like Bauer choosing to make protective gear instead of their usual products? Dr. Josephine Pressacco, Tiger, and some special friends
4:30 My mom works with COVID-19 patients. Do I have to wait until there's a vaccine to hug her? Dr. Joanne Langley
5:41 What do you do to prepare for treatment? Are you scared to go to work? Dr. William Li
7:11 How do treatments change for someone who has cancer during coronavirus? Dr. Shahid Ahmed
7:59 How many kids will get coronavirus? Do kids die from coronavirus? Dr. Kirstin Weerdenburg
8:29 Do you still want to be a doctor? Dr. Aran Dangerfield


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