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Physicians and surgeons play an important role in caring for the health of Canadians; they practice in diverse settings and provide a broad range of health care services to patients. These services can include prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. The delivery of this medical care depends on the availability of specialty-trained physicians and other health professionals, as well as practical resources, such as specialized equipment. Physician workforce supply information provides insight into patient access to this medical care, as well as information for health workforce planning.

The dashboard provides information on the number of physicians in Canada, by specialty and subspecialty, as well as the number of male, and female, and urban and rural physicians, by year. The dashboard illustrates the changes the Canadian medical workforce has undergone in the last five years.

Although the Medical Workforce Knowledgebase is currently limited to inflow and outflow measures, future development will include other factors like physician workload and practice patterns, as these factors also influence access to specialty care. The Knowledgebase will continue to grow in a variety of other ways, including, but not limited to:

  • The addition of workforce data, such as full-time equivalencies;
  • The addition of healthcare delivery data, which can help determine the scope of practice across specialties.

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